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Baby Care

Baby Blanket Recall Alert!

Do you have one of these sensory blankets? Here's all the information you need on this latest safety recall and more.

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PHOTOS: Pregnancy Abs Model's Healthy 8lb Baby!

The model who got flack for showing off her rock-hard abs during pregnancy shares photos of her big, bouncing baby boy—proving all those haters wrong.

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Getting Pregnant

Baby Boomerang: Why Second Pregnancies are So Often Unplanned

A new CDC study finds 30 percent of women get pregnant again within 18 months. Here's why.

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Breastfeeding: The Best Way to Quit Smoking ... For Good?

Nursing their baby for at least 3 months could keep ex-smoker moms from relapsing, according to new research.

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Real Mom Stories

This is Awesome: Pregnancy Reveal Riffs On The Fresh Prince

This couple's lives are about to be flipped-turned upside down—and they're rapping about it.

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Labor and Delivery

America is Having Way Too Many C-Sections

U.S. doctors are doling out double the amount of cesareans recommended by the World Health Organization. Why? Experts say we're impatient.

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8 Super-Speedy Workout Vines for Moms and Moms-to-Be

We guarantee you'll have time for these seconds-long exercise routines.

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