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Donald Trump Says No to Mom's Pumping Break

A lawyer requested a break from a meeting with Donald Trump to pump breast milk for her baby. What happened next was shocking.

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After Fertility Struggles, Mark Zuckerberg is Finally Going to be a Dad

The Facebook CEO hopes speaking up about his wife Priscilla Chan's three miscarriages will help us all share our stories.

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Baby Care

RECALL ALERT! Thousands of Crib Mattresses Called Back Due to Fire Hazard

Stork Craft is recalling 18,500 crib mattresses after they failed to meet flammability standards. Do you have one of these common nursery items?

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Getting Pregnant

Deciding on Fertility Treatments? This Simple Test Could Help.

Scientists have discovered a new way to analyze a man's sperm, which could help determine whether a couple should even try IVF.

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Stretch Marks? These Moms Dare Ya to Love 'Em

We all have stretch marks—from babies, from growth, from life. See 13 moms who are teaching us how to embrace them. #loveyourlines

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Postnatal Health

Postpartum Depression or Baby Blues? New Test Could Tell the Difference

Doctors have found a new way to identify women who are more likely to develop PPD, getting them better help sooner.

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Real Mom Stories

WOW! See This Whole Family Do a Double-Take After Shocking Twin Reveal

This family's reaction to a baby on the way is sweet. But wait til you see what they do when they find out it's twins!

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CAPTURED! See the Adorable Moment Taylor Swift First Met Her Godson

And she even had the perfect lyric to go with it. Awwww.

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