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Labor and Delivery

Fear Over Having a Big Baby Can Lead to Unnecessary Interventions

If you're afraid your baby is going to be too big to deliver naturally, you might end up having a C-section. Even if you don't need it. Here's why.

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Pregnancy News

Could 3D Printing Become the New Ultrasound?

Doctors are already using the technology to print-out life-sized versions of your unborn baby. The future is now.

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Jessie James Decker Doesn't Care What You Think About Her Breastfeeding Selfie

The country singer says sharing breastfeeding photos sets a good example for fellow mothers. So should we all do it?

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Pregnancy Health

Flu and Whooping Cough Vaccine Combo Finally Safe for Pregnant Women

Wondering if you can get the flu and whooping cough vaccines together? Well, you now can.

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Getting Pregnant

This Photo of an IVF Baby has Gone Viral and for a Very Good Reason

This image of a sleeping baby surrounded by syringes speaks volumes about what some women go through to become a mom.

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Postnatal Health

The Important Reason More Women Are Getting IUD Implants After Birth

Having an IUD inserted directly after you give delivery is perfectly fine, and may even keep you healthier in the long run.

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Baby Care

Safety 1st Highchairs Recalled for Fall Hazard

A child can remove the highchair's tray, risking falling out. Do you have one of these 35,000 recalled chairs? Here's what to do.

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Could 'Breastsleeping' With Your Baby Mean More Sleep for Moms?

Bed-sharing is a hot button issue, with doctors encouraging parents to sleep away from their infants—but one expert on sleep claims "breastsleeping" is the best solution.

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