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Pregnancy Exercises

The Prenatal Workout You Haven't Tried

How former professional ballerina, Mary Helen Bowers, stays fit during her pregnancy.

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Parenting 7 photos

6 Steps to Stress-Free Travel

Rosie Pope, founder of the namesake maternity line, spills her secrets to happier holidays.

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Pregnancy Health

Can These Common Chemicals Cause Premature Birth?

The new link between phthalates and preterm deliveries.

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Pregnant Sex & More

Preparing Older Siblings for the New Baby

7 proactive ways to keep sibling rivalry from becoming an issue.

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Meet the Jonases

From "Married" to pregnant: Parents-to-be Danielle and Kevin Jonas are too cute for words. See videos from their cover shoot, get a sneak peek at their baby registry, and more

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The Workout That Makes Your Baby Smarter

How your fitness level affects your newborn’s brain.

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20 Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Sure, you're hip to multiple facts about breastfeeding, but check out this fresh list of nursing perks that extend to both you AND your little one.

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Labor and Delivery

The YouTube Video That’s Changing Childbirth

A new device helps women deliver their babies safely

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