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Real Mom Stories

Moms Weigh In: 5 Easy Ways to Blast Baby Weight

Nope, you don't have to slog away on the treadmill to fit into those old jeans.These tips will help you with weight loss after baby.

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Ya Gotta Love Target for its New Breastfeeding Policy

If you need another reason to love Target, you're about to love them more for this breastfeeding win.

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Getting Pregnant

The 5 Miscarriage Questions No One Asks

As many as 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, so why don't we talk about it?

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Health and Development

Had a Drink? Docs Can Tell From Baby's First Poop

As little as 1/3 of an alcoholic beverage during pregnancy can affect your child, and now all is revealed in Baby's diaper.

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Labor and Delivery

Guess What? Your Partner Might Need a Doula, Too

They're not just for you, Mom. Here's why Dad may also appreciate the support from a doula—whether he likes it or not.

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Celebrity 11 photos

WHICH Member of One Direction is a Dad-to-Be?!

Sorry ladies, this teen heartthrob is a teen no longer.

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Say WHAT? Clueless Comments About Pregnancy & How to Deal

Do you cringe a little when the cashier hollers about your "huge belly?" Here's a graceful response to this and other tactless comments about your pregnancy.

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Pregnant with Twins? Prepare Your Answers to These Rude Questions

People don't hold back their two cents when you have twins. Here's one blogger's answer to every offhand comment she gets.

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