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Labor and Delivery

The Case of the Coerced C-Section: What are Women's Rights in Birth?

A Virginia mother recently pressed assault and battery charges against a doctor she claims coerced her into an unnecessary C-section. Her case represents a growing number of women who say they, too, were forced into birthing procedures they did not need.

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This Guy Posed for a Selfie With His Wife in Labor

How would you feel if your partner did this? Would you love it or tell him where to go?

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Baby Names

The Most Popular Baby Name in the World, Revealed

This name has earned major popularity across the globe, and for good reason. How many Sophias do you know?

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Pregnancy Health

This Everyday Habit is Causing Problems in Pregnancy

Think pregnancy means you can be a couch potato for nine months? Think again. According to this study, sitting too much might lead to more than just cellulite.

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Postpartum Diet

Could This Be the One Downside to Breastfeeding?

A new study shows that bone density declines the longer you breastfeed. But is there anything you can do about it?

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Pregnancy Exercises

The Best Pregnancy Exercise You're Not Doing But Should

Find out why resistance training is particularly beneficial during pregnancy and try out some simple exercises at home.

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Is This Kim Kardashian West's Most Daring Maternity Look Yet?

The starlet is snapped stepping out in a see-through bodysuit at 8 months pregnant. Is this one step too far for maternity fashion?

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Real Mom Stories

Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant, Gives Birth an Hour Later

This gives 'unexpected pregnancy' a whole new meaning. And yes, cryptic pregnancies like this one are still possible.

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