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Pregnancy Exercises

The Best Pregnancy Exercise You're Not Doing But Should

Find out why resistance training is particularly beneficial during pregnancy and try out some simple exercises at home.

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Is This Kim Kardashian West's Most Daring Maternity Look Yet?

The starlet is snapped stepping out in a see-through bodysuit at 8 months pregnant. Is this one step too far for maternity fashion?

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Real Mom Stories

Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant, Gives Birth an Hour Later

This gives 'unexpected pregnancy' a whole new meaning. And yes, cryptic pregnancies like this one are still possible.

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Pregnancy Diet

First Trimester Belly Fat Linked to Diabetes Risk

New research finds that women who start their pregnancy with fat around their middle are more likely to develop gestational diabetes. Here's how to minimize belly fat while gaining weight the healthy way.

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Postnatal Health

Could Getting Pregnant Help You Live Longer?

A new study shows a link between giving birth and long-term health benefits.

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Pregnancy Health

It's Now Safe to Take Antibiotics During Pregnancy

A new study confirms that a group of controversial antibiotics are actually OK for pregnant women to take.

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Baby Care

Science Says Singing is Better Than Talking to Your Crying Baby

A new study shows that singing works better to soothe Baby than talking, even if you don't have the best voice. And some songs work better than others, so lay off the Rihanna.

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Labor and Delivery

Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Eat During Labor

New research says you don't have to fast while you're in labor anymore. You fuel-up for a marathon, why should giving birth be any different?

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