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The Lowdown on Low-Dose Aspirin

Is it a good idea to take low-dose aspirin throughout pregnancy?



I'm six weeks along and have been hearing a lot about this.

Studies over the past 10 years have shown that daily use of low-dose, or baby, aspirin during pregnancy supports the placenta's vascular health by improving circulation and limiting the formation of blood clots in certain medical conditions, such as atypical preeclampsia (which occurs early in pregnancy) and antiphospholipid syndrome (which puts women at increased risk for blood clots, miscarriage and problems with the fetus). In keeping with the theory that medications should be taken only when of clear benefit to mother and/or baby, I do not believe that low-dose aspirin should be given to all expectant women. Rather, your doctor should determine if you are a candidate for aspirin or other anti-coagulant therapy based on your medical history.

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Connie L. Agnew, M.D., answers your questions about pregnancy.

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