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Nausea and Gender

I've had terrible nausea. Can this mean I'm having a boy?



For centuries, expectant parents have been trying to determine the gender of their babies in utero by scrutinizing everything from morning sickness to how the mother is carrying to fetal heart rate. While looking for clues to this mystery may be part of the fun and excitement of pregnancy, none of these factors has been shown to accurately predict gender.

However, one thing that can be said about pregnancy-induced nausea is that the severity of a woman's symptoms tends to be fairly consistent from one pregnancy to the next. This tells us that each woman;s physical response to her body's increased hormone production not the baby's gender helps determine if, and how severely, she will experience morning sickness.

In the meantime, remember that nausea is the most common complaint of early pregnancy, and it usually subsides without treatment within the first trimester. For tips on managing the queasies, visit

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