I've got very small breasts. Can I still breastfeed?

Q: I’ve got very small breasts. Can I still breastfeed?


A: Common wisdom used to be that breasts of any size are capable of producing ample milk. But new research shows that, while that’s mostly true, certain breasts may have problems—particularly if they don’t expand much during pregnancy, as ample growth typically indicates that the milk ducts are multiplying and growing.

“Most women, even those with small breasts, will notice significant breast enlargement during pregnancy and have no problems nursing,” Neifert says. If you do have small breasts, or if you don’t see significant changes while pregnant, see a lactation consultant before you have the baby so you can prepare for potential issues. For instance, Neifert says, small breasts may not store as much milk as larger ones, so it may be necessary to nurse more often.