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Breastmilk Toxins

I've read that breast milk can contain environmental toxins and pollutants. Should I feed my baby formula instead?



Absolutely not. Granted, breast milk does contain trace amounts of the same chemicals found in cow's milk; our air, food and water supply; our very own bodies; and, yes, in formula. Yet it is still the "cleanest," best food you can feed your baby. And because of its newest additives, while formula may seem better for your baby than breast milk, it's not. So don't let your concern keep you from breastfeeding. Just eat the healthiest foods possible and drink clean water (bottled or filtered, if necessary).

Editor's note: For more information on protecting your baby from toxins during and after pregnancy, click here "Thinking Green."

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From <i>Ask Dr. Jay</i> by Jay Gordon, M.D., June/July 2005

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