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Rash relief

Is there anything I can do to make eczema go away?



Eczema is an allergic skin rash often triggered by substances in the baby's diet. Before you resort to using cortisone cream, try dietary changes: If your baby drinks formula, talk to your doctor about trying a soy or hypoallergenic brand. If you're breastfeeding, consider eliminating potential allergens from your diet--the most problematic are dairy, eggs, peanuts, wheat and citrus. In the meantime, fewer and shorter baths in lukewarm water can bring relief, as can using a "baby-friendly" laundry soap such as Dreft or Method and avoiding scented lotions and creams.

The unfortunate fact is that eczema can be a lifelong problem; still, most children outgrow the worst of it in the first year--especially if they're breastfed.

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From <i> Ask Dr. Jay</i> by Dr. Jay Gordon, February/March 2007

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