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Multiple Miscarriages

I've had multiple miscarriages: should I see a doctor for testing?



Since you've experienced recurrent pregnancy loss--two or more consecutive miscarriages, most commonly in the first trimester--I'd suggest that you speak with your doctor about testing. If testing is indicated, an obstetrician is likely to first perform a karyotype, an evaluation of both partners' chromosomes, to determine if either of you has a genetic abnormality. If so, using a donor egg or sperm may circumvent the problem.

The second option is to determine if there is an abnormality in the shape of your uterus. If so, surgery may solve the problem. Your doctor also might suggest a blood test to look for lupus anticoagulant and anticardiolipin antibodies, which can alter the blood's clotting process. If you test positive for either, you will be offered treatment with low-dose aspirin or the blood thinner heparin, which gives you an excellent chance at a successful pregnancy.

Keep in mind that no definitive cause is found for as many as half of the women who experience recurrent pregnancy loss. But, the good news is that a full 35 to 85 percent of them will go on to have healthy pregnancies.

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From <i>Pregnancy Q&A</i> by Connnie Agnew, M.D., April/May 2005

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