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Anna Maltby

Anna Maltby is the fitness editor at Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health. Her typical week is scheduled around workouts: One day it's a challenging vinyasa flow, the next it's a solo TRX session and the next she's sweating it out at a high-intensity class. The recovery time in between is spent testing new kale salad recipes and watching Game of Thrones with her two kittens. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, and more of her work can be found at She tweets at @amalt and instagrams at @a_malt.

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Mom-to-be Stacy Keibler’s priorities couldn’t be clearer: When we were planning her cover shoot for our June/July issue, she asked if she could spend most of her photo shoot not vamping for the camera in glam gowns but instead showcasing the Pilates moves that have kept her strong and energetic ...

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