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Kiera Aaron

Kiera Aaron is the senior online editor of Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health. She's also a New York University alum, Brooklyn resident, and wannabe marathon runner. When she's not editing health stories, she's trying a new fitness class, geeking out on skin care ingredients, or decorating her forever-unfinished apartment.

If you're up on the latest celebrity pregnancies, you've heard that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting. But the media-shy mama won't be able to hide her bump much longer. Here, the first few photos of her (totally adorable) growing belly. 

Kate Middleton puts months of pregnancy rumors to rest. Looks like we won't be holding our breath for royal baby number 2! (Check out celebrities who are pregnant here.)Related: Kate Middleton's Postpartum Belly

Our latest cover star, Kristin Cavallari talks about the challenges of her second pregnancy, and how husband Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears quarterback, is scoring major points in the fatherhood department.Read Kristin's Fit Pregnancy cover story by downloading our April/May issue on ...

This woman tweeted labor updates throughout her home birth. Find out why, plus what you can learn from her experience. Related: Follow @FitPregnancy on Twitter for more of the latest news for new mamas!

The new mom is happier than ever—and so not worried about her weight. Find out what (super fun) postpartum exercise she plans to do at her leisure. Related: How Long It Takes Your Belly to Go Down After Birth  

As a shoe designer and host of E!'s The Fabulist, Kristin Cavallari knows a thing or two about fashion. Here, our April/May cover star shares her style and beauty secrets for soon-to-be mamas and new moms.Download the full issue on iTunes to get Kristin's cover story, plus tips that guide you t...

Pregnancy may be an excuse to pamper yourself, but it's no reason to sit on the couch. (Don't believe us? Check out the 18 Bazillion Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy.)Meanwhile, watch and learn three great moves you can do at home to prep for labor. Bonus: They'll make your prenatal massage fee...

Researchers examined the brains of children who had autism, and found a surprising connection between autism and pregnancy. What you should know about the study.

If you're up to speed on the latest celebrity pregnancies, you've probably heard that Christina Aguilera is expecting her second baby. Here's how she announced the sex of her child.

Yeah, we know, it must be really hard to be a gorgeous, successful actress. But haven't all of us worried about how motherhood will affect our careers? Hear ScarJo's concerns, then check out Three Tips to Make Your Return from Maternity Leave Easier. 

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