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Baby Care

You're Probably Using Your Newborn's Car Seat Wrong

Turns out, only five percent of people actually get them right.
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This Common Habit Could Stop Your Baby From Sleeping at Night

Could letting your baby resettle herself help her sleep patterns?

Yet Another Change to Car Seat Recommendations

You might have done all your car seat research—but were you aware of this new line of thinking?

Study Finds Sleep Environment Isn't Always to Blame for SIDS

Turns out, keeping your baby safe is not as simple as sticking to standard sleep guidelines.

Should Crib Bumpers Be Banned?

Doing away with these dangerous sleep accessories altogether might be the best option.

Science Says Singing is Better Than Talking to Your Crying Baby

A new study shows that singing works better to soothe Baby than talking, even if you don't have the best voice. And some songs work better than others, so lay off the Rihanna.

Circumcision Debate Heats Up After Ontario Baby Dies From the Procedure

A baby boy in Canada died following a routine circumcision. Now the debate here in the US is raging over whether the procedure is safe or necessary.

Do You Know if Your Child Care Center Is Prepared for an Emergency?

You might have a vague idea of what to do if a disaster hit your baby's day care, but many parents haven't got a clue.

The Best (and Worst) States to Have a Baby

Where does your state fall in this new ranking of baby-friendly locales? (Hint: Number 50 might surprise you.)

Your Doctor vs. Dr. Google: Study Finds Docs Give New Moms Worse Advice

Although doctors are the ones with the medical degrees, moms need to advocate for their baby's health, too. Now more than ever.

Is Today the Most Dangerous Day in Your Baby's Life?

This everyday occurrence is putting infants' lives at risk. Here's how you can protect your little one.

How to Survive (and Thrive On) a Trip with Your Baby

Traveling with your little one can be rewarding—as long as you plan ahead. Step one? Bring your sense of humor.

Dads Suck at Baby Chores. But You Can Change That.

Sure enough: working moms are shouldering more tasks than dads post-baby. (Yup, it's still 2015.) Here's what you can do about it.

A Senator Just Wants to Change a Diaper, Okay?

Will New York put changing tables in every men's room? (Ashton Kutcher, your wish might come true!)

9 Dos and Don'ts for a Happy Nanny-Mommy Relationship

If you're hiring a nanny, look out for these red flags!
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