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The 5-Step Guide to Babyproofing

Creating a safe and secure environment for your baby requires extra due diligence.

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3. Drowning

“An inch of water can be as dangerous to an infant as an 8-foot pool,” says Carr.

Stay-safe tips: Never leave your child alone in a bathroom, tub or around water. Get in the habit of emptying buckets or basins of water immediately after use.

4. Burn/Fire

Scalds from hot liquids and steam are often overlooked as a baby hazard.

Stay-safe tips: Enjoy coffee or tea in a travel mug with a lid and don’t carry your child while cooking. Be sure to change the batteries in smoke alarms twice a year.

5. Poisoning

Infant deaths from poisonings are rising.

Stay-safe tips: Program the Poison Control Hotline number into your phones: 800-222-1222. In addition to cleaning supplies, keep your medications stored up and away, says Carr. And follow your pediatrician’s dosing advice strictly when giving your baby medicine.

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