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expert advice on your 10 most pressing infant- care questions


9. My baby has developed a stuffy nose. Should I call the doctor? As long as she seems to be content and comfortable (eating and sleeping well and not crying excessively), there’s no need to call the pediatrician just because your baby has a few sniffles. But if her breathing is troubled and making it difficult for her to nurse or sleep, call the doctor right away. And always contact the doctor if your newborn is running a fever that registers higher than 100.4Þ F rectally, which can be the first sign of a serious infection (See “Fever: friend or foe?” pg. 54).

10. I know my baby should be sleeping on her back, but what happens if she rolls over onto her stomach? Tummy sleeping is a concern because it has been linked to a higher incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). For your peace of mind, make a habit of putting your baby to sleep on her back from the start.
    “For most babies, if they are used to being put to sleep on their back, that will be become their preferred position,” Ashworth says. And once your baby becomes proficient at turning over, the risk of SIDS drops.




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