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Ask Dr. Jay

Pediatrician Jay Gordon answers questions about your babys health.

Do calories count?

How many calories does a 1-year-old need? Mine seems to get through most days with almost none!
Rest assured that for many kids, the number of calories recommended is huge compared with the number they take in. Sure, I know of some toddlers who eat more than I do, but most do very nicely on half of the 1,000 calories recommended daily.
Offer a healthful, varied menu as described above and let your child decide how much to eat. If he's growing nicely, playing hard and smiling a lot, you can bet he's doing well, even if he eats less than you think he should. However, if your child just doesn't seem well (say, if he's pale and has low energy), call your doctor. While rare, such conditions as iron deficiency and malabsorption may need to be ruled out.



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