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baby-care mistakes

Here are nine of the most common errors, and tips on how new parents can avoid them.


7 Messing up on meds “Always give medications with the measurement device they came with,” Madden says. Infant medicines, such as Tylenol and Motrin, are typically more concentrated than those made for older children, so if you use anything other than an infant dropper, you could be giving an overdose. Ask your doctor what the correct dosage is and follow his instructions exactly.

8  Incomplete childproofing “I’ve taken lots of beads out of noses and ears,” Swislow says. As soon as your baby attempts to crawl, take a cruise on your knees to see what’s accessible at child level. Stash electrical cords; replace lamps that could be pulled down; and lock up all medicines, vitamins, poisons and cleaning supplies. (For more safety information, see “Baby Proofing” on pg. 146.)

9 Assuming “natural” is safe Do not assume a so-called natural product is safe for a baby until you check with your doctor. (Even green tea contains stimulants.) The same goes for remedies found on the Internet: Print out information on them and discuss them with your pediatrician.



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