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Bundle Up

With a few precautions, you and your baby can safely brave that winter weather.

Babies’ hands and feet are prime target areas, so be sure to keep these areas dry. If her mittens or socks do get wet, change her into a fresh pair as soon as possible.

Sure footing
When you’re toting a newborn baby outdoors, be sure to wear sturdy, nonskid shoes that provide secure footing on slick surfaces, particularly snow and ice. For longer outings, when you’ll need to carry a diaper bag, stroller, purse and other essentials, have someone else take your belongings out to the car first. If nobody is available to help you, make two trips. “I’ve seen women fall in parking lots because they’re hurrying with the baby and the diaper bag and all the other paraphernalia,” Keener says. “Don’t carry too much at once, and take your time.”
    In the end, perhaps that’s the best advice for all new parents: Simply slow down and take it easy during your baby’s all-important first few weeks and months. As Keener says: “There’s no other time you so need to bond with the baby, have her get to know you and learn to read her cues. It’s a beautiful time.”




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