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On Diaper Duty

Keep your baby'’s bum healthy with a few simple measures.


How to diaper a baby>Follow these steps and you’ll soon be a pro.

  •  Keep supplies close at hand—diapers, cotton balls or washcloths, warm water in a pump thermos, ointment, a change of clothes and a toy to entertain baby.
  •  Place the baby on the changing table, put your hand on her and don’t let go until you’re finished. Talk to her throughout to keep her calm.
  •  Lift the baby’s ankles and wipe. (For boys: Cover the penis with a cloth. For girls: Wipe from front to back.) Slide the soiled diaper out and replace with a new one before you release the legs.
  •  Apply ointment if needed, fasten the diaper loosely—circulating air helps prevent diaper rash—and you’re done.


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