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Keep Your Baby Safe

Buying a car seat is easy,installing one a challenge. Here’s how to do it correctly.

following organizations directly: DaimlerChrysler Fit for a Kid, 877-FIT-4-AKID,; National Safe Kids Campaign, 800-441-1888,; International Association of Chiefs of Police, 1-800-THE-IACP; or Boost America, 866-BOOST-KID,

Put outerwear on top>  Dress your child with as little bulk as possible and be sure to drape blankets and anything else over the harness strap. During a collision, everything between a car seat’s harness straps and the back of the car seat compresses, including the coat and clothing your child is wearing. A harness that seemed tight can become loose, making it possible for your child to be ejected from the seat.


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