Baby Care

When Baby is Wheezing

Three common causes of wheezing in infants, plus key ways to promote an easier-breathing environment for your bub.

9 Easy Ways to Get Baby to Sleep Now

Great sleepers are made, not born. Take back the night with this 24/7 guide.

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Expert advice to get your little one to sleep, thanks to a step-by-step bedtime routine and app.

Dog Meets Baby

When baby arrives, are you thinking, "Move over, Rover"?

Just Had a Baby? A Six-Week Survival Guide

Your first weeks home with a new baby can be awkward and scary. Here's what to expect and how to stay sane.

4 Myths About Babies

Our expert pediatricians weigh in on these smart-sounding (but wrong) ideas.

Tips for Stress-Free Food Shopping With Your Baby

How to conquer the grocery store with baby in tow.

Cry-It-Out Method

An interview with Robert Sears, M.D. explaining the practice of letting a baby "cry it out."

Sofa Sleeping Ups SIDS Risk for Babies

A new study found the most hazardous place in your home for your baby to sleep.

How Hot Is Too Hot for a Baby?

Record-high temps in summer can be dangerous for newborns. Here's how to keep your little one safe.

Pacifier Pros and Cons

Is it good or bad to give your baby a binkie? We offer the latest news.

4 Easy-to-Use Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are cheap, eco-friendly, and less of a hassle than you think. Here's what you need to know.

A Poop Primer

Helpful information for navigating your baby's first poops.

ear infections

Trends in treatment for these painful, persistent ailments

Newborn or Alien?

Red marks, coneheads and crossed eyes are just some of the features infants may be born with. But don't worry; they aren''t permanent.

Baby-Care Basics

Essential skills for every brand-new parent.

Are Hospital Baby Nurseries Becoming a Thing of the Past?

It ain't no lie: The hospital baby nursery may be going bye-bye-bye.

4 Quirkiest Baby Trends of 2013

From breast milk jewelry to diaper-free babies

Crib Safety: 6 Tips to Use Now

Baby crib choices and best practices to keep you all sleeping soundly and safely.

Quiz: Babysitter, Day Care or Nanny?

When choosing child care for your newborn, do you find a reliable babysitter, nanny, or au pair, or opt for a local day care center? Take this quiz and find out.

The Truth About Babies

What they can see and feel, plus how much they need to eat, sleep and more.