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Baby Care


Baby Care

Must-Have All-Natural Baby Products

Check out our Beauty Editor, Melissa Foss, on the TODAY Show as she shares Fit Pregnancy's favorite natural baby products

Help The Hurt

Some medical procedures can’t be avoided. Here’s how to make them less painful for your baby—and you.

Babyproof Your Backyard

Protect her from potential backyard dangers.

Summer Safety

How to prevent bites, stings and sunburns

Baby Those Teeth

Even gummy grins need care to help prevent decay.

A Poop Primer

Helpful information for navigating your baby's first poops.

Grand, yes. Perfect, no.

Grandparents’ quirks are the stuff of which families are made.

The Circumcision Decision

Learn about this procedure before your baby boy is born.

ER How-To

A new parent’s guide to navigating the emergency room.

Does Your Baby Have Influenza?

How to spot—and treat—the flu in your little one

First Vaccines

Safeguarding your baby’s health begins at birth.

Dog Meets Baby

When baby arrives, are you thinking, “Move over, Rover”?
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