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Baby Care


Baby Care

Should You Hire a Postpartum Doula, Lactation Consultant or Baby Nurse?

Newborns can be a lot of work. Line up these postnatal professionals before the baby is born.

Harvey Karp Helps Prevent Child Abuse with Swaddling Soothing Techniques

Harvey Karp, M.D., takes his Happiest Baby program on the road

Your Newborn: A User's Guide

Your baby needs special care right after birth. Follow these simple, doctor-recommended tips for keeping your newborn clean and healthy.

New Baby Manual

From poop to pacifiers, the 10 most common concerns.

Newborn or Alien?

Red marks, coneheads and crossed eyes are just some of the features infants may be born with. But don't worry; they aren'’t permanent.

On Diaper Duty

Keep your baby'’s bum healthy with a few simple measures.

Keep Your Baby Happy and Healthy

A guide to coping with 7 common ailments of the first year.

Don'’t Label Your Baby

Lose the words "‘colicky"’ and "‘fussy."

you can do it

Taking care of a tiny newborn may seem daunting. These tips will give you confidence.

baby-care mistakes

Here are nine of the most common errors, and tips on how new parents can avoid them.

fever: friend or foe?

Don’t panic if your baby’s temperature rises. We’ll tell you why.

all the answers

expert advice on your 10 most pressing infant- care questions

Keep Your Baby Safe

Buying a car seat is easy,installing one a challenge. Here’s how to do it correctly.
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