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Baby Care


Baby Care

When Baby is Wheezing

Three common causes of wheezing in infants, plus key ways to promote an easier-breathing environment for your bub.

Newborn Care From Head to Toe

Tips for keeping your baby clean and comfy.

Tips Trom The Trenches

Be a quick-change artist

Safety First

Use our tips to ensure your home is a safe haven for your little one.

Bonding: Talking To Baby

Fun ways to help your child develop the gift of gab.

Squirmy Baby

How to change a squirmy baby.

Swaddling Tips

Swaddling tips for sounder sleep


One of the many milestones your baby will take.

Bonding with Baby

Newborn massage is a great way to bond with your little one.

Avoid the Travelin’ Blues

How to keep your baby safe on the road this holiday season

Baby Skin Care

Become a label sleuth when it comes to the products you put on you and your baby’s skin.

Should You Hire a Postpartum Doula, Lactation Consultant or Baby Nurse?

Newborns can be a lot of work. Line up these postnatal professionals before the baby is born.

Harvey Karp Helps Prevent Child Abuse with Swaddling Soothing Techniques

Harvey Karp, M.D., takes his Happiest Baby program on the road

Your Newborn: A User's Guide

Your baby needs special care right after birth. Follow these simple, doctor-recommended tips for keeping your newborn clean and healthy.
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