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Baby Care


Baby Care

Newborn or Alien?

Red marks, coneheads and crossed eyes are just some of the features infants may be born with. But don't worry; they aren'’t permanent.

On Diaper Duty

Keep your baby'’s bum healthy with a few simple measures.

Keep Your Baby Happy and Healthy

A guide to coping with 7 common ailments of the first year.

Don'’t Label Your Baby

Lose the words "‘colicky"’ and "‘fussy."

you can do it

Taking care of a tiny newborn may seem daunting. These tips will give you confidence.

baby-care mistakes

Here are nine of the most common errors, and tips on how new parents can avoid them.

fever: friend or foe?

Don’t panic if your baby’s temperature rises. We’ll tell you why.

all the answers

expert advice on your 10 most pressing infant- care questions

Keep Your Baby Safe

Buying a car seat is easy,installing one a challenge. Here’s how to do it correctly.

ear infections

Trends in treatment for these painful, persistent ailments

Baby-Care Basics

Essential skills for every brand-new parent.

Bundle Up

With a few precautions, you and your baby can safely brave that winter weather.

coming home

Tips on managing life with a newborn

take good care of my baby

How to find the best situation for your child
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