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Baby Care


Baby Care

Keep Your Baby Safe

Buying a car seat is easy,installing one a challenge. Here’s how to do it correctly.

ear infections

Trends in treatment for these painful, persistent ailments

Baby-Care Basics

Essential skills for every brand-new parent.

Bundle Up

With a few precautions, you and your baby can safely brave that winter weather.

coming home

Tips on managing life with a newborn

take good care of my baby

How to find the best situation for your child

The Truth About Babies

What they can see and feel, plus how much they need to eat, sleep and more.

the tooth hurts

But experts and parents disagree about other teething symptoms.

The First Six Weeks

Expert advice on taking care of yourself and your new baby.

If Your Baby Could Talk

What your newborn is trying to tell you with her cries.

Bathing Beauties

Fun in the tub with your baby.

The Truth About Colic

Colic is an old-fashioned term that actually means upset stomach, which it usually isn't, says pediatrician Harvey N. Karp, M.D.

A Guide To The First Six Weeks

The first diaper change, first bath, first crying jag — we'’ll help you with all these and more. We'll also show you how to breastfeed and get back in shape.

Keep Your Baby Safe

Tips and products to help you childproof your home.
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