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Baby Care


Baby Care

hope is on the way

Now there are steps parents can take to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome.

to cut or not to cut

Circumcision: What used to be a routine decision is now a big quandary for many parents–to–be.

Tooth Wisdom

It's never too early to start taking care of your baby's pearly whites.

The new mom’s handbook

Feeling clueless about motherhood? Here are answers to your top 5 worries.

First Aid for Infants

What every new parent must know

Tender Touch

Massage can be a loving way of communicating with your baby.

Happy Travelers

How to keep baby (and you) content on the road and in the air

Bottoms Up!

Keep your baby’s bum healthy with a few simple measures.

first games

One of the best parts of having a baby is playing like one. Here’s how.

Fever: friend or foe?

There may be nothing scarier to new parents than a spike in their baby's temperature, but in fact, a fever can be beneficial by killing the virus or bacteria causing it.

the first time

Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, as it often means experiencing brand-new challenges. Our guide will help you through that first car ride, first illness, first crying jag and more——we even give you the scoop on poop.

First Year Survival Guide

Common infant ailments and how to cope

Best Defense Against Germs

Protecting an infant from bacteria and viruses is critical. Here's how.
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