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Baby Names

Will These Be 2016’s Trendiest Baby Names?

If your pick made the list, will you stick with it or look for something even more unique?
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The Most Popular Baby Name in the World, Revealed

This name has earned major popularity across the globe, and for good reason. How many Sophias do you know?

Zooey Deschanel Picks an 'Adorkable' Sea Mammal Name for Her Daughter

The New Girl actress says she named her baby girl after this animal because she and her husband really like them. Guess that's reason enough for us.

Rebecca Romijn: 'Dolly Parton Named My Baby'

This is easily one of the sweetest celebrity baby name stories we've ever heard. Plus, we love the name she chose.

How Much Would Someone Have to Pay to Name Your Baby?

It's a real question some grandparents are asking their children. Family traditions are important, but is this the right way to do it?

25 Beautifully Unique Fall-Themed Baby Names

If you love autumn as much as we do, you'll love these seasonal baby names even more. #pumpkineverything

39 Baby Names Inspired by Cities, States & Countries

Names inspired by faraway place are oh-so-cosmopolitain. Here are our top picks for boys, girls, or both.

37 Unique American Baby Names, By Region

Wow, America. You've got some good taste in baby names.

America's Top Baby Names Aren't What We Googled

Here's the top baby names for 2014—and they aren't what we expected.

Would You Let the Internet Name Your Baby?

Couple asks the Internet to choose their baby's name. And we ask the Internet if it would ask the Internet to choose its baby's name. We're so meta.

Ryan Reynolds (Finally!) Spills on Baby Name

It's confirmed: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds gave their daughter a surprisingly masculine name

Liv Tyler's New Baby's Name: It's Nautical!

Liv Tyler is the latest star to choose a one-of-a-kind baby name. Find out what hers means and pick your fave from a list of celeb-approved first and middle names you'll want to steal.

Trend Alert! Unisex Baby Names Are on the Rise

More and more parents are going gender-neutral when it comes to choosing a baby name. Our expert explores the rising new trend of unisex baby names.

The Hottest Baby Name Trends for 2015

From a surprising shift in baby boy names to the most popular middle name for girls (Scarlett Johansson is a hint!), check out the hottest new baby name trends for 2015.
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