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Cool and Unique Boy Names

From modern to edgy, sporty to exotic, pick a baby boy name that's as unique as your son

Modern Boy Names

Looking for a name that’s a little more unusual for your baby boy? Go modern with monikers that use the letters X or Z.  Some to consider:

Axel: Danish for “father of peace,” the name has been rising steadily, ranking at No. 167 on the top baby names list for boys in 2013. And if you’re a big Guns ‘N’ Roses fan, consider spelling it “Axl.”
Phoenix: Name your kid after a mythical bird that rose from ashes, inspiring hope or idealism? Sounds pretty modern to us. The name held the No. 382 spot last year, debuting on the list in 1995.
Zane: Love the name John, but prefer something more unique? Zane is the Hebrew version of John (meaning Gift from God), and, in 2013, was the No. 215 most popular name for baby boys.

More modern X and Z names for boys:

  • Zeke
  • Blaze
  • Jax
  • Zander
  • Ajax
  • Maddox
  • Nixon


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