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Cool and Unique Boy Names

From modern to edgy, sporty to exotic, pick a baby boy name that's as unique as your son

Sporty Boy Names

Do you have visions of your son scoring the winning touchdown? To give your name added sports appeal, consider finding a name that starts with the same letter as your last name. Lovers of all things athletic may opt for a name they can already picture emblazoned on the back of a jersey.

Ace: Playing card, winning a point, fighter pilot, skilled person … there’s a lot to like about “Ace.” Others agree, as it ranked 498th on last year’s baby name list.
Spike: A sharp piece of metal, a smash hit in volleyball, shoes with projections you wear on the track or field—Spike is tough, sporty and unique (and not on the list for the most popular boys names, well, ever).
Blade: The flat, cutting part of a sword or knife, or the metal part of an ice skate, wouldn’t this be the perfect name for a future hockey player? It has not yet cracked the top 1,000 list.
Duke: A male ruler or nobleman (and, as a verb, slang for hitting with fists or doing battle), this could be the best name for a quarterback ever. It was the No. 718 most popular baby boy name in 2013.

More sporty baby names:

  • Breeze
  • Bo
  • Rush
  • Payton
  • Lazarus
  • Falcon
  • Finn
  • Quinton
  • Damon
  • Bailey
  • Reese
  • Hank
  • Hawk
  • Mars
  • Gordon
  • Cassius


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