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Hottest New Baby Boy Names

Sophisticated boy names

Sophisticated or preppy boy names are a huge trend among today’s parents.

These names are often longer and have an old fashioned sound to them, for example Declan, Jameson, Remington, Brooks, Chandler, Finnegan, Harrison and Theodore.

We are also seeing a literary influence on the list, with the name Atticus, as in Atticus Finch from the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

Edgy boy names

On the flip side, edgy or modern-sounding names are another big trend, with parents embracing boy names that contain an “x” or “z”.  Some examples include Zamden, Axel, Xander, Dexter and Zayden, as well as futuristic sounding names that include Iker, Nico, Jayce and Kason.

Today’s parents are also picking boy names that have a tough and strong sound to them, including Maverick, Gunner, Titus and Cruz.

Those baby boy names that have dropped in popularity the most this year include Brett, Jamarion, Shaun, Jaydon and Nickolas.

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