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Hottest New Baby Girl Names

You can expect these baby names for girls to continue gaining popularity.

Future “it” girl names

Some of the most popular girl names on the list end in –ee, including Brynlee, Aubree, Charlee, Caylee and Rylee.

Girl names that end in –a continue to be popular, as evident by the most popular girl names Sophia and Isabella, however names that end in –lyn, including Raelynn, Adalynn, Londyn, Gracelyn and Madilyn, are climbing the charts as well.

Unisex or gender-bending names are a current baby name trend. Jessica Simpson got in on this trend when she named her daughter Maxwell, as did Heidi Klum with her daughter Lou. 

Other traditional boy names that are climbing the charts for girls include Charlee or Charlie, Parker and Dylan, while the unisex names Brooklyn, Taylor and Cameron remain popular for both girls and boys.

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In case you are curious, the baby girl names that have slipped in popularity the most this year include Brisa, Dana, Desiree, Denise, Kimora and Miley.

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