Sassy Baby Names for Your Sweet Baby Girl

We love this trend of baby girl names that are sassy and strong but still feminine.


When searching for a sassy baby name, consider names that are strong yet feminine... with a little edge and spunk to them. Here are some of the sassiest baby names that we could find.

Short and sassy baby names

Some baby names are short and sweet, and others are short but with a little sass to them. We picked our 10 favorite sassy names that you are sure to love for your baby girl.

Daisy Gemma Libby Lyla Macy Milan Piper Quinn Riley Zoe

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Unisex baby names

Unisex names are trendy right now. And if you pick the right one, it can have a little spunk to it. Look for a name that is unique – but not so unusual that no one has ever heard of it (or can spell it). Get inspired by some of these sassy unisex names.

A.J. Blake Bobbie Carson Cassidy Delaney Elliot Jordan Justice Kennedy Kordell Parker Perry Reggie Ryan Sawyer Tyler

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Last name as first name

Another popular baby name trend is using a last name as a first name. Some of the unisex names above are evidence of that (Jordan, Kennedy, Parker, etc.). Using your maiden name as your baby's first name is a terrific way to pass on your name to your daughter.

You could also use your own mother's maiden name as a way to honor her – or pick a last name of another person that you admire. If the name is a little unusual (but not totally "out there"), it can be just the sassy name that you were looking for.

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