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Baby Names


Baby Names

Historical Baby Boy Names

Looking for an iconic name? Check out these names, inspired by U.S. Presidents and Hollywood icons.

Cheerful Spring Baby Names

These seasonal baby names are inspired by flowers, warmer weather and all that spring brings.

Popular Baby Names From 100 Years Ago

Classic baby names for boys and girls.

The Baby Name Whisperer

Do you need a professional baby namer?

Baby Names Inspired by Winter

New ideas inspired by the season.

Baby Name Predictions for Kim and Kanye

What will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their baby?

The Best (and Worst) Celebrity Baby Names of 2012

From the supremely weird to the brilliantly creative.

Holiday Baby Names

Commemorate the season with an extra-special baby name.

Space-Age Baby Names

Check out this fantastic list of baby boy and baby girl names inspired by astronauts, planets, spacecraft and more!

Baby Names for the Class of 2025 (and Beyond)

We predict the baby names of the future.

Expensive Baby Names

Flaunt your good taste by giving your baby boy or girl an impressive, high-class name.

Presidential Baby Names

U.S. Presidents inspired this list of traditional and unique baby names for boys and girls.

How To Pick The Perfect Baby Name

Step one: Have fun exploring your options. Step two: Don't stress. Check out these lists for some great ideas.

Fun Ideas for Naming Siblings

Check out our fun ideas on naming brothers, sisters or a combination of both!
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