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Baby Names

Quaint English Baby Names

These names have a distinguished and refined sound to them.

Hot Baby Name Trends for 2012

Get a sneak peek into the most popular baby names of the year.

Top Baby Names for 2011

05.15.12 List of top U.S. baby names for 2011 reveals same old favorites and one newcomer.

Modern Baby Names with an Edge

Anything but normal, these baby names are modern, forward thinking and cool.

Middle Name Trends for Girls

Whether you want a unique and quirky middle name or a classic middle name, read on to check out our picks.

Pretty Baby Names for Girls

From feminine to sweet and vintage to French, we've rounded up our favorite baby girl names.

Twin Baby Names

Twice the fun!

Short And Sweet Baby Names

Simple, cute, easy to spell and pronounce.

Old-Fashioned Baby Names

What’s old is new again—especially when it comes to baby names.

Baby Names: To Tell or Not To Tell?

Should you keep your baby name a secret before birth?

Name that Newborn

What to watch out for, is a name easy to spell and pronounce? What are its nicknames?

The Name Game

One of the trickiest things about having a baby is deciding what to call her.

Is Your Baby's Name Unique?

Try these baby name resources.