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Why This Kind of Mom is More Likely to Breastfeed

Of course there are many solid reasons why women don't nurse, but it now looks like where you live could be one of them.
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The Minnesota Vikings Become First NFL Team to Install Breastfeeding Pods

The football team is taking the lead in providing safe, comfortable nursing facilities for moms and their youngest football fans.

These 9 Photos Prove There's No Deadline for Stopping Nursing

The Honest Body Project is back: Let these powerful images of extended breastfeeding help you stand by your choice, whatever that is.

Hey Mamas, Vote Now For a Nursing Pod Near You!

Two mom-friendly companies have joined forces to crowdsource the best locations for two new breastfeeding pods. Could your town be next?

Why This Mom Insists on Nursing Her Friend's Son

This woman asked to breastfeed her friend's son, then shared it on Facebook. What's the big deal?

Mom's Dr. Seuss Spoof Flawlessly Illustrates Ups and Downs of Nursing

Breastfeeding can be both awesome AND awful. And sometimes you just gotta laugh about it, Dr. Seuss style.

Celebrate: It's World Breastfeeding Week!

Working moms, rejoice! This year's theme pays homage to the amazing mamas who balance breastfeeding with their careers.

Donald Trump Says No to Mom's Pumping Break

A lawyer requested a break from a meeting with Donald Trump to pump breast milk for her baby. What happened next was shocking.

Ya Gotta Love Target for its New Breastfeeding Policy

If you need another reason to love Target, you're about to love them more for this breastfeeding win.

Need a Spot to Nurse? There's an App for That

New app Moms Pump Here aims to help mothers ID a clean, pleasant place to pump and breastfeed. No more toilet stalls!

Real Talk: Would You Nurse Someone Else's Baby?

More and more highly educated career women are choosing to do it. If it meant helping another mom and her baby, would you?

7 Breastfeeding Tips from Moms Who've Been There

Real talk: Breastfeeding is great for baby but for mamas, it can sometimes, well, suck. Here, moms share their top tips for success.

Fewer Hospitals Hand Out Formula to New Moms

More U.S. hospitals are stopping sending moms home with formula packs, encouraging them to give breastfeeding the old college try.

These Gorgeous Photos Show the Beauty of Extended Breastfeeding

This stunning photo series will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about what it means to nurse a child.

This Photo Has Sparked a Movement. Will You Join It?

This simple image of a model breastfeeding her son on the cover of Elle has made a HUGE impact. Let's #normalizebreastfeeding.
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