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The ABC's of Breastfeeding

Simple steps of successful nursing

Side-Lying Position This position is great for nursing your baby in bed and also is helpful during Cesarean recovery, because it doesn’t put pressure on your stitches.

Lie on your side with a pillow under your head. Lift your breast to the baby’s lips with one hand, and when she opens wide enough, move her toward you and onto the nipple with the other hand.

Get Help
Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Here are some resources:
Lactation consultant: Your doctor or hospital may be able to recommend a lactation consultant who will come to your house and help you get started. Or you can call the International Lactation Consultant Association: (919) 787-5181.
La Leche League International hot line: (847) 519-7730 or (800) La Leche. Or visit the Web site (


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