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breastfeeding (in the real world)

How to be a nursing mom and have a life, too


Working it out at work
If smokers can sneak out of the office  for cigarette breaks, surely nursing moms deserve time to pump their milk. That said, Tamaro observes, “I don’t know a lot of women who want to discuss pumping schedules with their male supervisors.”
    Her solution: Don’t tell — or at least don’t make a point of telling. Use your lunch hour or established break periods to pump, find a discreet location, and keep breaks short with the help of a high-efficiency bilateral pump.
    If pumping breaks become an issue, don’t lie. Offer to make up lost time or work while you pump. And if you’re lucky enough to have a sympathetic employer as well as breastfeeding co-workers, consider taking breaks together. “Pumping goes a lot faster when you have someone to talk to,” says Tamaro.     


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