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Let it Flow

Follow our expert advice and nursing your baby will become second nature.

The following are tips from Haldeman on when to call a lactation consultant:
• If the baby is having fewer than three loose, yellow seedy stools and six to eight wet diapers daily by five days after birth
• If you have cracked and/or bleeding nipples
• If the baby cannot latch on, or cries or sleeps all the time

7. Know what’s normal
For the first few days, your breasts produce not milk, but small amounts of colostrum, the thin, watery precursor to milk that is brimming with anti-infective properties. (All breastfed infants should still be seen by a pediatrician within two to three days of birth to ensure that they’re nursing properly.) Your milk may not fully come in for five days. After that, if you’re still worried about your milk supply, remember this: The more your baby nurses, the more milk you’ll produce.

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