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The Milky Way

Lactation consultant's best advice for successful breastfeeding.


8. Repeat after us: The laundry can wait. It’s inevitable: A baby’s arrival turns even the most well-run household upside down. Although it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the dishes piling up, tell yourself that it’s OK to let things go right now. Leave the chores to family or friends or hire a doula to help out. “All you should be doing those first few weeks is taking care of yourself and your baby,” says Annette Leary, founder of Orlando Lactation and Childbirth Services in Orlando, Fla.
On those days when you’re feeling particularly beleaguered, remind yourself that housework and errands will always be there. But baby time, which seems so endless in those early, sleepless weeks, flies by in a heartbeat. Down the road, when you look back on these wondrous days with your baby, what you’ll remember most is the magical time you spent bonding together—not whether you always put the laundry away.

get the right latch
* Position your baby on his side so he is directly facing you, with his belly touching yours. Next, prop up the baby with a pillow, if necessary, and hold him up to your breast; don’t lean over toward him or stretch your breast out to him.
* Place your thumb and fingers around your areola (the dark area surrounding your nipple).
* Tilt your baby’s head back slightly and tickle his lips with your nipple until he opens his mouth wide.
* “Scoop” your breast into his mouth by placing his lower jaw on first, well behind the nipple.
* Tilt his head forward, placing his upper jaw on the breast. Make sure he takes the entire nipple and at least 1 1¼2 inches of the areola in his mouth.
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