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You've Heard the Myths About Breastfeeding. Here's the Truth.

Some of the breastfeeding "advice" you'll get may be helpful, but chances are much of it won't be.


Myth #11: Your boobs will forever look like tube socks.
Truth: Some women may notice a change in the shape of their breasts after breastfeeding, but pregnancy, not just nursing, is the culprit.
“The breast often doubles in weight during pregnancy, whether or not you breastfeed,” explains Pamela Berens, M.D., a board-certified lactation consultant and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. “Any increase puts extra stress on the ligaments that support the breasts, and more stress equals extra sagging.” Your age, BMI and prepregnancy bra size all affect how likely your boobs are to droop.

Myth #12: It'll make your baby clingy and dependent.
Truth: Quite the opposite.

“Studies have shown that babies who benefit from the attachment of breastfeeding tend to be more independent later in life,” says Bettina Forbes, a certified lactation counselor and cofounder of the Best for Babes Foundation, an organization dedicated to changing cultural taboos that surround nursing. 


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