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You've Heard the Myths About Breastfeeding. Here's the Truth.

Some of the breastfeeding "advice" you'll get may be helpful, but chances are much of it won't be.


Myth #13: You have to stop if you get sick.
Truth: Taking a hiatus from breastfeeding won’t protect your cutie from your ailment.
“By the time you feel ill, you’ve already exposed your baby to the infection,” says Berens. In fact, by nursing while you’re sick you pass along protective antibodies, helping your little guy stay healthy.

Myth #14: You can't take any meds.
Truth: While some medications are verboten because they could pass through your breast milk to your baby, Berens says many are just fine.
For a full list, visit the Drugs and Lactation Database.

Myth #15: Exercise will turn your milk sour.
Truth: Not as far as your baby is concerned.
Common wisdom used to be that workouts produce high levels of lactic acid in breast milk, giving it an unpalatable taste. But recent studies show that babies don’t notice any difference. One thing that could make them turn up their squidgy little noses? Saltiness left on your skin by sweat—so shower right after your session, Berens suggests. (And whatever you do, don’t pull up your exercise bra to nurse; the tight band can lead to clogged ducts.)

Myth #16: Weaning is the worst.
Truth: Don't stress about it. 
It’s understandably challenging to break what’s become a very important bond, but it doesn’t have to be painful or anxiety-provoking. Start by subbing in a bottle of breast milk or formula during your sweetie’s least favorite feeding, and do it gradually to give both your body and your baby time to adjust.


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