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A Smart Start

The early days of breastfeeding are crucial. Follow these seven simple steps to success.

The Truth About Low Milk Supply

How to tell if you're producing enough milk, and what to do if you aren't.

Nursing School

There’s plenty you can do now to ensure breastfeeding success later. Here’s our primer for the pregnant woman—plus info on why mother’s milk is the best way to feed your baby.

Breastfeed Like A Pro

Our seven simple, proven steps make it easy. Plus, tips from star moms.

Little Sisters Benefit From Breastfeeding

The more you nurse, the safer your milk becomes.

The Milky Way

Everything you need to know to be a nursing pro.

Breastfeeding A Go-Go

Or, how to nurse your baby and still have a life.

Booby Traps

The top 5 pitfalls of breastfeeding and how to avoid them.

Breastfeeding: Location Counts

Breastfeeding is more common in states where the culture and laws support it

The Holds

Useful ways to hold your baby for breastfeeding.

Access O’Dell

The scoop on Nancy O’Dell’s new book, Dancing With the Stars …. and what happened when her breasts met McDreamy

Breastfeeding {Month by Month}

"A nursing mother and her infant have a special bond, and there is no reason any woman should be in a hurry to give it up." — corky harvey

Breastfeeding Basics

Do I have enough milk? Is it normal for my nipples to hurt? Can I have a glass of wine? Every new nursing mom has questions. We're here to help, with answers to the 10 most common.

Better Breast Milk

Follow our simple rules to make your nutrition as safe and nutritous as it can be.
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