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nursing 101

A top lactation consultant offers breastfeeding advice you can really use.

breastfeeding (in the real world)

How to be a nursing mom and have a life, too

Breastfeeding for Beginners

Overcoming nursing challenges in the early weeks.

Breastfeeding Questions

How to get the breastfeeding support you need

The Half-Naked Truth

From topless delirium to boundless joy, what life with a new baby is really like.

A Pain In The Breast

Tips for preventing mastitis—and what to do if you get it.

The ABC's of Breastfeeding

Simple steps of successful nursing

Let It Flow

Follow our expert advice and nursing your baby will become second nature.

Breastfeeding Benefits Endure

Breastfeeding can have a lasting impact on your child's blood pressure later in life.

Higher-Octane Breast Milk

Who would have guessed that the longer babies nursed, the better the nutritional content of their mother’s milk?


Do breastfeeding campaigns stigmatize bottle-feeding moms? Join the debate.

Natural Tension Tamer

Mother Nature provides built-in stress relief for moms: breastfeeding.

What Not To Avoid

Foods you SHOULD eat.

Toxic Cleanup

What you eat, drink, touch and even breathe can affect your milk. Change your habits now to benefit your baby later.
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