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Health and Development

Abdominal Birth Defect On the Rise in These Moms

An alarming new report finds that the rate of a serious birth defect called gastroschisis has more than doubled. Could you be at risk?
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C-Sections and Breastfeeding Can Affect Your Baby's Gut

Your child's gut health might be established earlier than you think.

Good News: IVF Does Not Lead to Developmental Delays in Babies

Previous studies found children born by IVF to be at risk of falling behind their peers when it came to hitting essential milestones. The latest research says this is no longer true.

How Much Weight Your Baby Gains Could Be a Sign of Type 1 Diabetes

A new study shows that the risk for type 1 diabetes could begin in the first year of life—and there are certain red flags to look out for.

Want to Help Your Baby Develop? Tickle Her Toes!

Seriously interesting new study reveals that babies under six months don't react to your tickling in the way you think they do.

Just Found Out You're Pregnant? You Might Have the Healthiest Due Date

Babies born in June, July and August showed signs of better health than those born in winter. But your chilly-seasoned baby can do as well just by doing this one thing.

Chemo in Pregnancy Now Deemed Safe for Your Baby

A new study has comforting news for those diagnosed with cancer while pregnant: your baby should be OK.

Yet ANOTHER Reason to Avoid BPA—Especially if You're Having a Girl

Can exposure to BPA early in pregnancy affect your child? Yes, according to a new study, but don't panic yet.

Study: Babies Have Sneaky Ways to Get You to Smile

Don't try to fight the urge to do a stupid grin when your baby coos—just realize that she knows EXACTLY what she's doing.

Watch this Moving Tribute to a NICU Nurse. (And We Dare You Not to Cry)

This emotional video from Kleenex pays tribute to NICU nurses everywhere. And of course it requires tissues. It's so cute, we'll forgive the marketing ploy.

Could Breastfeeding Reduce Your Baby's Risk of Autism?

A new study finds that nursing may give a boost to some infants' social skills, but if you can't nurse, don't worry: There may be other ways to get the same benefit.

Will Your Healthy-Weight Baby End Up in the NICU?

More parents of normal birth-weight babies are finding their newborns admitted to the the neonatal intensive care unit. Why? Doctors have their theories.

Had a Drink? Docs Can Tell From Baby's First Poop

As little as 1/3 of an alcoholic beverage during pregnancy can affect your child, and now all is revealed in Baby's diaper.

Could Gazing at Your Newborn Predict ADHD?

New research says your baby's ability to stare might predict her behavior later in life. Here's why.

Alert! Smoking Around Baby is Almost as Bad as Smoking While Pregnant

Secondhand smoke around your toddler is worse than we thought. And so is smokey clothing.
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