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Best TV Shows and DVDs

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Curious George
An inquisitive little monkey learns by exploring (PBS)

Tales of a turtle and his forest friends (Noggin)

A blue octopus and pals go on big city adventures (Noggin)

Sesame Street
Elmo and his Muppet friends make merry (PBS)

Neighborhood Animals
Engaging live footage set to classical music (Baby Einstein DVD, $20)

Rhymes, music and silly faces (Brainy Baby DVD, $18)

Background TV Distracts Toddlers
While it's normal to want to watch Oprah as you while away the time with your little one, you may not want to make it a habit. In a study of 50 kids ages 1 to 3, children played for shorter periods and were less focused when Jeopardy was on. With a lot of exposure to background TV, child-ren may experience attention deficit and developmental problems similar to those associated with overt viewing of children's programs, researchers said.

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