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Does your baby have an ear infection?


Alternative Remedies If your doctor suspects that your child may develop an infection but you choose not to treat her with antibiotics, there are nonpharmaceutical treatments you can try—but only at the direction of a naturopath or homeopath. (If you opt for such treatments, be sure to let your primary-care doctor know.) Following are alternatives that Tara Levy, N.D., a naturopathic doctor in Northern California, uses:

  •  Craniosacral therapy, a gentle form of manipulation targeting the soft tissues and bones of the head, spine and pelvis. Many practitioners contend that this therapy helps ease the pain and dysfunction of ear infections by realigning the bones.
  •  Two to three drops of mullein-garlic oil in the ear to ease pain, but only if your doctor has confirmed that the eardrum hasn’t ruptured.
  •  Oral homeopathic treatments such as aconite, belladonna or chamomile.




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