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Your Baby at 7 Months

Learn more about your baby's development at month 7.

Your baby is becoming more and more "talkative." She can imitate sounds, like clucking her tongue or say "uh-oh" or "shh." Talk to your pediatrician if at 7 months your child doesn't do any of the following: smile or laugh; roll over or bear weight on her legs; try to produce consonants and vowel sequences; or recognize familiar sounds, such as a ringing telephone or doorbell.

In the next few weeks, your baby may also be able to use his hands separately and pick up objects with his thumb and index finger, which means he'll be able to feed himself. Your baby will start waving bye-bye, clapping his hands, and pointing to things he wants.  Here are some ideas for sorting out solid food.

For more information about your baby's milestones, check out these Baby Steps.



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