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Health and Development


Health and Development

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Surmountable hurdles

Raise A Healthy Eater

Want your baby to grow up eating more than mac 'n' cheese? Vary your diet while you're still pregnant.

Stay Smoke-Free Forever for Your Daughter's Sake

Protect your baby girl's fertility by not smoking.

Can Babies Have Allergies?

A baby's exposure to allergens may lead to asthma and allergies later on.

Jeepers Creepers

Facts about your baby's vision.

4 to 8 Months

Your baby's muscles develop: Help him roll over and sit up.

1 to 3 Months

Her eyes start to focus:Provide the right stimulation.

The Truth About Teething

What to expect as your baby's chompers begin to sprout, plus some of our favorite sore-gum soothers.

Play With Me

Whether your baby is 9 weeks or 9 months old, he's guaranteed to be tickled pink by these developmental games and songs.

Growth Charts Updated

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new pediatric growth charts to more accurately reflect patterns among breastfed babies.

Decoding Autism

Autism is largely genetic, but evidence also points to "triggers" in the prenatal environment.

Tips for Parents of Preemies

Skin-to-skin contact promotes bonding and helps premature babies breathe and sleep better.
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