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Health and Development


Health and Development

Somebody's Listening

Even babies learn from what you do and say.

Chickenpox: To Vaccinate or Not?

Here'’s the information you need to make your decision.

Playtime With Your Baby

Fun games for you and your little one.

Fearless First Year

Having a new baby in the house often means experiencing anxieties about things you never even knew existed. From SIDS to solids, here is expert advice to put your worried mind at ease.

Infant sleep expert James McKenna

World-renowned sleep researcher James McKenna, Ph.D., is among those challenging the recent conclusion by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) task force on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) that sharing a bed with your infant is more dangerous than putting her in a crib.

Circumcision Controversy Continues

What you need to know about making the circumcision decision.

Ask Dr. Jay

Pediatrician Jay Gordon answers questions about your baby's health.

Love Your Baby Doc

5 secrets to finding an A+ pediatrician.

Best TV Shows and DVDs

Check out our list.


Surmountable hurdles

Raise A Healthy Eater

Want your baby to grow up eating more than mac 'n' cheese? Vary your diet while you're still pregnant.

Stay Smoke-Free Forever for Your Daughter's Sake

Protect your baby girl's fertility by not smoking.

Can Babies Have Allergies?

A baby's exposure to allergens may lead to asthma and allergies later on.

Jeepers Creepers

Facts about your baby's vision.
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