Tote your tot safely | Fit Pregnancy

Tote your tot safely


Beyond using plain old common sense, there are a few steps you should take to keep your baby safe in whatever type of carrier you choose to use.

1. Read up: Carefully review the manufacturer’s instructions before using any carrier.

2. Be selective: Only use a carrier that is appropriate for your baby’s height and weight.

3. Don't cut corners: Use all provided snaps, buckles and the like and fasten them securely.

4. Chin up: Make sure your baby’s face isn’t covered and is visible at all times, and that her chin isn’t curled toward her chest.

5. Change position: If you nurse your baby in a carrier, change her position after feeding so her head is facing up and is clear of the carrier and your body.

6. Keep it straight: Make sure your baby’s back is straight and supported.

7. Give a hand: Many carriers tout that they are hands-free, but keep a firm grasp on your baby whenever possible.