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Best Bottles (from left)


Phil & Teds ShakeAway Latte, $7, has dual compartments so you can keep powdered formula and water separate until you're ready to mix them.

Shaped like your nipple while breastfeeding, the Gerber NUK Bottle, $5, is designed to reduce the amount of air swallowed.

Your baby's suckling controls the flow of milk, thanks to the Second Nature Bottle With All Stages Nipple, $5. The small holes open only during nursing.

The Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Baby Bottle, $5, features a patented vent system to prevent excess air swallowing.

As your little one drinks, the liner in the Avent Tempo Natural Feeding Nurser, $8, collapses, minimizing swallowed air.

The special leakproof vent on the Playtex VentAire BubbleFree Bottle System, $5, translates to virtually no air to swallow and less gas.